Daily use of company car

Daily use of company car

Who can drive the company car and can I install extra equipment?​

  • Who is allowed to drive the company car?
  • Extra equipment​
  • Please remember

Who is allowed to drive the company car?

From Nordania's part there are no restrictions on who is allowed to drive your company car.

However, please note that your company and its insurance company might have agreed some limitations as to who is allowed to drive the car.

Can I drive everywhere in my company car?

Yes you can. Furthermore, you can also use your company car when you are driving abroad on holiday. 


Subsequently installed extra equipment

As a rule you are allowed to subsequently install ​extra equipment.

However, you should be aware of the facts that

  • you have to have it approved by your company
  • the equipment must not reduce the value of the car
  • the equipment must be returned when you return the car.

Please remember...

  • to take the car for service in time. Please check your car's service intervals in the service manual
  • to check the tyre pressure and the wear and tear of the tyres
  • to check the level of anti-freeze and oil 
  • to take the car in for its MOT tests.
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Daily use of company car
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