Fuel card

Fuel card

​Order fuel cards for your company car.

  • Order a new fuel card
  • Cancel your fuel card
  • Have you lost your fuel card?


If your company offers fuel cards from Nordania you get access to our volume discount which we get from purchasing more than 20 million litre fuel a year.

We co-operate with the fuel companies Shell, Circle K, Q8 and Uno-X.

How to order your fuel card

Normally, you order your fuel card when you order your new car. You will receive your fuel card before your car is being delivered.
Typically, you will receive your fuel card five weeks before you get your new car. 
If you have forgotten to order your fuel card, you can order a card or several cards at this site.
Please remember that your company may have a policy regarding which types and number of cards you are allowed to order. If you have any questions, we recommend that you contact the person responsible for your car policy at your company.

Have you lost your fuel card?

If your fuel card has been lost or stolen you must cancel it as quick as possible. To cancel your card please contact Nordania at +45 45 12 12 12. When cancelling your card we can order a new card for you.

If your card is to be cancelled outside Nordania's opening hours we advise you to contact the fuel company concerned.

Q and A

​What can I buy with my fuel card?

You can use your fuel card to pay for fuel, diesel, car wash, bridge toll and drive-on products (anti-freeze, carburettor and washer fluid, lock lubricants, ice removal equipment, light bulbs for the car, whiper blades, fuses, exhaust straps, car batteries). 
Please note that you cannot use your fuel card to pay for shopping goods. 

I have lost my fuel card

Please contact Nordania at +45 45 12 12 12. Outside Nordania's opening hours please contact the fuel company concerned:
Shell +45 70 10 25 00
Circle K - 45 35 15 59 91​
Uno-X +45 70 10 12 34
Q8 +45 70 12 88 88.

When will I get my new fuel card?

When you have ordered you card you must expect 5 to 10 days delivery. If you have ordered your fuel card when you ordered your new car we will do our best to ensure that you have your card when the car is delivered.


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Fuel card
  • Order new fuel card
  • Cancel your fuel card
  • Lost your fuel card?
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